I created this app concept after finding an old app on my phone designed to find nearby fast food restaurants. The app was very simple, with just an alphabetical list of restaurants, a search function, and a list of locations when choosing a restaurant. While simple, I realized that this could be a valuable tool for people looking for familiar restaurants on the go, or just wanting to have all of their favorites in one place. 
I imagined a new look and set of functionalities for the app. I brainstormed new possibilities and decided to include a new sorting function to sort by location, restaurant type, favorites, and other categories that users would appreciate. I also implemented a favorites and offers page, and an option to add personal notes to each restaurant location for users to remember what they liked about it. I decided on a bright color scheme to make the app more interesting to look at and to reflect the colorful designs of many fast food chains. My redesign kept the simplicity of the original app, while making it more usable and eye catching.

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